Unmasking the Effects: Fracking and Its Influence on Water Quality

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As the discourse on fracking intensifies, concerns about its potential impact on drinking water quality have taken center stage. At H2O Solutions, we are committed to providing comprehensive insights on how it may affect the water you consume. In this blog, we delve into the effects of fracking on drinking water and explore the potential risks associated with the fluids involved in the process.

Understanding Fracking Fluids

Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is a process that has revolutionized energy production by extracting oil and gas from deep underground. However, the environmental implications, particularly water quality, raise legitimate concerns.

A significant aspect of fracking revolves around using fracking fluid—a combination of water, sand, and various chemicals. Oil or natural gas is released from rock formations by injecting this fluid deep into the ground. However, the return of this fluid to the surface poses potential threats to drinking water.

Surface Contamination Risks

When fracking fluid resurfaces, the risk of spills and leaks increases, potentially contaminating nearby streams and rivers. The chemical composition of fracking fluid can include substances harmful to human health. The unintentional release of these fluids into surface water sources raises concerns about drinking water safety for communities near fracking operations.

Chemical Concerns

The exact composition of fracking fluids can vary, and the industry is not always transparent about the specific chemicals used. Standard components include biocides, corrosion inhibitors, surfactants, and friction reducers. Some of these chemicals are known to be toxic, posing health risks if they enter drinking water sources.

Monitoring and Regulation

Ongoing efforts to understand and regulate the impact of fracking on drinking water are crucial. Various studies have highlighted instances of contamination, emphasizing the need for rigorous monitoring and oversight to protect water supplies. Communities near fracking sites must stay informed and advocate for robust regulatory measures.

H2O Solutions’ Commitment

Drinking water contaminated by hydraulic fracturing can have harmful effects on public health. If there is fracking in your area, now is the time, more than ever, to be proactive in protecting your area’s water quality. Hold fracking corporations responsible by keeping up with local fracking operations. Encourage open and honest fracking procedures in council and committee meetings. Consider using water treatment methods for safe and clean drinking water at home. Our goal at H2O Solutions is to ensure that your water continues to be a source of health and wellness. To get started, request a free water test now.

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