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(2 per pack)
H2O Solution’s All-Natural Soap Bars are hand-made and crafted in the USA!
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Welcome Gift Bag

Welcome Gift Bag contains the following: A 30 Day supply sample of all the soaps we offer (Shampoo, Dishwasher, Laundry detergent) ie: We replace all the soaps in your home.

  • Custom H2O Solutions Soap Bars
  • H2O Solutions Bath Bombs
  • Welcome Packet for product information and description
  • 2 EcoWater Stainless Steel Water Bottles 

A $350 Value!

H2O Solutions
Water Treatment Products

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H2O Water Refiners

A carbon based for VOC’s in the water as well as water softening systems (City System).

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H2O Water Softeners

The true test of even the most advanced water conditioning system is how well it softens water while conserving salt and water, and minimizing operator intervention. Our robust feature set provides distinct advantages that will allow your business to enjoy the benefits of soft water while saving considerable time and money.

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H2O Solutions Counter Top Reverse Osmosis

Counter top reverse osmosis is a No Plumbing requirement countertop appliance that you simply plug in and use and it will filter your water for you. It takes up a small foot print on the counter space that is the size of a Keurig machine that will fit into any home. 


Phyn is a Artificial Intelligence Based automatic water shut off system that sends super sonic sound waves through your pipes in bursts of 240 per second and maps out your entire plumbing system and anticipates leaks before it happens OR automatically shuts all the water off in the event of something catastrophic happening to protect your home from flooding or water damage 

H2O Solutions Water Treatment Products

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